Upcoming R Training Course in Boston

boston1R for Software Developers and Data Analysts
Saturday June 28, 2014
Microsoft NERD, Cambridge, MA

I’ll be presenting a one day professional development workshop on R programming for software developers and data scientists, sponsored by the Greater Boston Chapter of the ACM.

Topics include

I. Introduction – An introduction to R:  R syntax and data structures; working interactively and in batch; alternative IDEs and GUIs; adding  functionality through packages; common programming mistakes; getting unstuck – where to find answers to your questions.

II. Data Management – Importing, cleaning, and reformatting data:  transforming and recoding variables; subsetting, merging, and aggregating data; control structures; user-written functions.

III. Graphics – Taking advantage of R’s powerful graphics:  creating basic and advanced graphs; customizing and combining graphs; innovative methods for visualizing complex data.

IV. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining – Using R for description, prediction, and classification: descriptive statistics and multi-way tables; ANOVA variants; regression (e.g., linear, logistic, poisson), classification trees, cluster analysis, and other multivariate methods; dealing effectively with missing data; going further.

It should be quite a full day!

Details are available at http://www.gbcacm.org/pds/2014R/index.html .

I am very excited about this opportunity and hope to see you there.

Rob Kabacoff, Ph.D.
Author of R in Action and the Quick-R website (www.statmethods.net)

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